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Common Home Security Tips For New Haven

May 31, 2021
Vivint home security in New Haven

Even if you consider your residential area “safe”, there are several ways to make your home more secure. Keep in mind, a burglary might go on whenever the opportunity strikes. Lucky for you, it’s really quite simple to increase the security of your house.

Explore and implement these home security tips in New Haven for your family’s benefit.

New Haven home security tip #1 yard maintenance

Potential burglars will try to conceal themselves in places where a curious onlooker can't see them. Make sure areas around your home are illuminated at night and reduce opportunities to find a place to hide. Cut down shrubs or trees by your windows to keep a clear view of your home’s perimeter. There’s a greater likelihood of detecting suspicious activity in New Haven when people can see your windows and doors from across the street.

Walk around your perimeter to identify areas that might not get enough light. Deck and garage areas are smart locations to utilize lighting with motion detectors. Inexpensive solar lighting can illuminate a path to your door. You might consider using integrated smart lighting in your exterior areas, so they will instantly turn on if your security system uncovers an issue.

New Haven home security tip #2 don’t forget to lock up

When you're exhausted and off to bed, do you remember to make sure doors are locked? Have there been times when you checked in the middle of the night and found an unlocked door? Or came home from running errands with the garage completely open?

Make your life easier with automated door locks. You can enable your doors to lock at a scheduled time every evening or to self-activate in a matter of moments after they have been unlocked. By using your powerful mobile home security app, you can confirm if your doors are locked. Stop leaving the key underneath a flowerpot. Alternatively, set specific door keycodes and receive instant notifications when they are used. A sensor can also be installed that updates your smartphone when the garage door is left open.

New Haven home security tip #3 stay prepared for other emergencies

A break-in is just one safety issue you have to worry about. Safeguard your home against fires, CO leaks, or floods with smart detection alarm systems. Chances are you have a run-of-the-mill smoke detector installed already, but monitored fire alarms can help expedite emergency services when a disaster occurs. To illustrate, your monitoring team and will contact the fire department while you focus on getting your family and pets out of danger and to a safe space.

Senior woman setting Vivint alarm

New Haven home security tip #4 upgrade to an home security system

Upgrading to a smart home security system is a smart choice when considering home security tips for New Haven. You are able to conveniently control your smart lighting, smart locks, and fire alarms with the same easy to use app. You can then pair all your components together and let them operate as a cohesive whole.

In the event an alarm goes off, your monitoring team have your back. They'll quickly contact you to make sure your family is safe, then notify police or fire. Keep in mind your residence will be monitored even when you’re not there. The monitoring team stays at the ready 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year long.

New Haven home security tip #5 know your neighbors

Remember to let a neighbor know when you leave for vacation and have them check on your house two or three times per week. If anything happens, they can act as contact person until you can get back. Swap keys personally or customize a door code if you have advanced door locking systems. Of course, you should be willing to watch their house as well.

Make your home more secure with Vivint’s integrated home security

Your entry locks, lights and alarms can all be served through a Vivint home security system. Take the first step by calling today, and a dedicated Vivint home security expert will begin the process of designing the right home protection plan for your needs. Place a phone call to (203) 625-1716 or complete the form on this page today.