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Discover the exciting functionality of smart home devices in New Haven

March 25, 2024
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Automation and additional home security modernizations are changing our lives, and the tools behind it all continue gaining powerful new features. You likely know you can manage your home’s devices from anywhere and get updates sent to your smartphone. But the abilities of your equipment go even further. Discover some of the hidden features of smart home devices in New Haven and learn what these innovative gadgets can do.

AI-bolstered doorbell cameras offer better detection

Security camera doorbells are among the most in-demand smart home devices in New Haven, and for good reason. They provide a constant view of your porch area and even let you speak with the person waiting there. But the functionality goes further than that, as the latest versions have boosted their detection skills.

The best AI-bolstered doorbell cameras can distinguish between people, packages, cars, and animals. This ability helps minimize false alarms and the number of notifications you get. Some doorbells take things even further by actively dissuading burglary. If a camera discerns someone attempting to steal a delivery, it may turn on audible and visual cues to scare them away and tell them they’ve been snared on video.

Discover a range of choices for smart device automation in New Haven

One of the incredible things about smart home devices is that they will work together to make your life easier and safer. You have the opportunity to implement all kinds of customized rules through your primary home control panel or smartphone security app. Here are several options:

  • When your smart door unlatches with an authorized code, your system can instantly disarm alarms, switch on lights, and change thermostat settings.
  • You can set your interior camera to start recording if the front door is unlocked.
  • Program doors to unlock immediately when a smoke alarm trips.
  • Set lights to turn on when a motion detector discovers movement.
  • When leaving or going to bed, you can use a one-touch action that latches doors, dims smart bulbs, changes the temperature, and arms your system.

You will also find getting automatic updates helpful in certain situations. For example, you can set your system to send communications if your garage remains open after you leave or lights are left on. You can even implement schedules and have your devices turn on or off at certain hours.

Control smart home devices with your voice

Along with off-site control, automation, and AI-driven performance, today’s smart home devices offer voice management. Easy vocal instructions allow you to engage and manage all types of tools, like locks, lights, and thermostats. Did you already lay down in bed but remember you didn’t shut the garage door or dim your lights? A simple vocal directive will take care of it. Numerous smart home devices in [[tar[getlocation]] work with smart speakers from common brands like Amazon and Google.

Find the latest smart home devices in New Haven from Vivint

Would you like a smart doorbell camera or outdoor camera that will actively deter break-ins? How about a smart thermostat that is able to perceive your ideal comfort levels and adjust automatically? You’ll find the best smart home devices in New Haven from Vivint. Call (203) 625-1716 to customize your system today and explore how you can make your life easier and more secure.